Established in 1979 - 501(c)3 tax exempt organization - #94-3081458


Focused K9 Training Classes & Certifications

Take advantage of the K9 training classes and certifications from Western States Police Canine Association in Modesto, California. We offer narcotics, patrol, tracking, and article/evidence certification programs.


Join our classes in California and Nevada. Training is also available at our annual conference in Reno. Certifications are normally completed within a day as long as your team has proper training.

Convenient Certifications

Let us come to you for certifications. Our team lets you know the time and place. Please reserve your spot to allow us to schedule the appropriate number of officials. These officials use a standardized certification score sheet for qualification. In addition, our organization works with experienced personnel, including:

• Todd Fordahl
• Steve Brewer
• Roger Kinney
• Adam Lockie
• Andy Herrera
• Mike Waller
• Marty Mahon
• Paul Accornero
• David Dorn
• Gregg Tawney
• Shane O'Neill
• Brian Schopf
• Ron Cloward
• John White

Contact us in Modesto, California, to arrange for your
team(s) to participate  in K9 certifications.